Why Google Chrome will win the browser wars?

Even though IE still holds the leading position with Firefox coming second here are a few reasons why Chrome will will the browser wars at the end.

Which browser will win the browser war? Every month we see the browser share of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer go up and down to give us some sign of who will emerge the winner.

I started a discussion on our Devils’ Workshop Facebook page about which browser was the favorite and why it was a favorite?

Credit: Mozillazine

Some interesting observations

  • Well the sample size is a little small to be called a poll but about 13 responses were in favor of Firefox, 6 for Chrome and only 3 for Internet Explorer. There were other opinions which even found favor with Opera and other browsers.
  • At first glance it looks like Firefox wins hands down but 4 opinions which were favorable to Firefox also said they really liked using Chrome.
  • Majority of the people who voted for Firefox seems to like the browser for its amazing add-ons.
  • Almost no one had anything negative to say about their experience using Chrome.

Going by the response, one can assume that Firefox is leading the pack by a big margin. But I feel differently about which one will end up winning the browser wars.

Why Chrome will end up winner?

Everything about using the Chrome browser comes down to one word and that word is ‘Simplicity‘. Lets be honest the world is not full of techies and majority of the people who use browsers are not geeks.


Installing newer versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox seems like rocket science when compared to installing Chrome. Most people use Gmail, Orkut and other Google related services which actively prompts people to download Chrome. This actually works great because Chrome installation is awesomely easy.


Chrome browser came to the market as the fastest browser around. It even boasted about it’s speed with its strange experiments. Jokes apart people felt Chrome won’t stay fast once they supported extensions. That has not happened and even now Chrome is known for being lightning fast as a browser.


Chrome has a spartan User Interface. The search bar is the same as the address bar. The tabs are nicely up right at the top, the settings and options are hidden and access through just a couple of not so interfering icons. Chrome keeps the user’s focus on the web-page rather than other features it might or might not have.

Add-on and extensions

When Firefox updates its Add-ons or when you update even its version it needs you to restart the browser. Get and extension on Chrome and start using it without any interruption. Such interruption free features make Chrome a browser to beat.

I know a lot of you might not agree with me and might argue that Firefox simply has more options. The problem with Firefox is not the options which makes it a browser of choice even for me. The problem is it has not been able to make it simple.

So do you think Chrome will win the browser war? Do drop in your comments and views.


Himadri Dimri October 27, 2010

Well I will go for Firefox any day.I have lots of problem with Chrome because it crashes so much !!!

Nicholas November 7, 2010

For those who have issues with Chrome crashing file a bug report the developers are very responsive and if you report a bug you have a good chance of them isolating the issue causing it to crash and getting it fixed in the next update which would be right around the corner as they update very frequently.

Unlike Microsoft Chrome actually uses their bug reports.

Aditya Kane November 7, 2010

You are quite right. Just seeing Chrome improve almost every few weeks makes me wonder whats could be next. I personally still use Firefox extensively but do think Chrome is the future…

FAQ Support Rep October 28, 2010

As for me, I agree with Aditya. I go for Chrome, it’s fast and simple. My firefox is the one that crashes so much.

Gourav Jain October 31, 2010

I prefer firefox. Chrome crashes too much and even don’t allow logging to SSL secured sites.

Aditya Kane November 1, 2010

Never had problems with Chrome crashing. About some other features it might lack but then my point is, the general public which uses the browser prefer simple interface which Chrome seems to provide.

joshua November 14, 2010

chrome is best..after using firefox when i scan with Nortan internet security it shows traking cookies being scanned & removed but with chrome no trackng cookies get uploaded..chrome is much secure browser!! I hope this will help to some of ur readers.

Melvin July 8, 2011

chrome secure? i think google tracks a lot when we use chrome.. but yes, think its the best browser atm.. you only need to block google lol

Aditya Kane July 12, 2011

Google might be able to track info if you sign up and sync with the browser. Ideally to avoid any tracking us the incognito mode with Chrome browser. 🙂