Wikipedia to Add “Love” Button for Contributors

Wikipedia is one of the most widely known and successful open-sourced projects. Hundreds of millions of people use Wikipedia as a source of information. Old styled encyclopedia books are now truly on their way to become rare collectors items.

Wikipedia is maintained and managed by many committed users who read, proof-read and create content. All this is done free and voluntarily.

To enable appreciation and simplify the process, Wikipedia has announced a “Love Button”. The new button, will be visible in the talk button once you login to your account (see image). This currently is available only with a prototype website for Wikipedia. This will go live on the 29th of June 2011.


It was quite amusing to use as I could send a virtual “Barnstar” to other users.


Wikipedia’s move to increase contributors

This is a move to directly encourage people who actually take part in contributing content to Wikipedia. Editing and adding content is tedious and it is dominated by a strong but committed group of people.

This group needs to become bigger and a good way would be to start appreciation by peers.

What are your views on Wikipedia and its future? Do drop in your comments.

One Comment

Karthik Prabhu June 26, 2011

Wikipedia is one of the best source of information. It provides info on almost anything. Well, I feel that this move by Wikipedia is really great. It will encourage more people to contribute to this ever increasing encyclopedia.