[Infographic] Microsoft vs Apple: History of the Computer Giants!

Microsoft-vs-Apple_infoMicrosoft and Apple have both, defined the world of computers in the past couple of decades. Both, were new start-ups and when compared to IBM, no one gave much of a chance to either company. The two companies not only have managed to race ahead of any other tech companies over the years but have been locked in a battle of sorts against each other, over the past 20 odd years.

Recently, Apple overtook Microsoft in revenues and profits but chances are that is not the end going by their history.

Here is an infographic from Manolution, about the history of this rivalry between Microsoft and Apple.


Do drop in your comments and views about the rivalry between these two companies.


rajeelkp June 27, 2011

That’s great

Ramkumar August 4, 2011

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful timeline stats.

eddy January 27, 2012

thanks for such wonderful stats. Also read your other post about apple being a larger company than microsoft and google put together. There is no doubt about which is a bigger company