WikiPock: The offline copy of Wikipedia on your mobile

clip_image002WikiPock is a mobile software that puts all the Wiki Encyclopedia on your mobile phone via a storage card (of size 4GB). The best part is that you don’t need an internet connection to access it.

However, it doesn’t come for free. The price starts at $9.99 if you have your own storage card. If you want WikiPock to send you the program on a 4GB storage card, it will cost $20.


  1. No internet or data connection required
  2. A simple interface and easy to use
  3. Well indexed articles (around 2.8 million in English) so, as you type your query, you get instant search results on your mobile screen
  4. Clean mobile-formatted pages
  5. The display time for the full editorial content is very quick, so there is no wastage of time
  6. Has an easy forward and backward navigation to read more articles
  7. Battery-life saver
  8. Preloaded microSDHC™ memory card available on the website
  9. Available for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry mobile phones
  10. Comes in ten languages:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Polish
    • Dutch
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Swedish

How to get started?

  • Install WikiPock application on your mobile so that you could access the wiki encyclopedia offline.
  • After the installation, the full content of the articles is stored in your mobile phone.
  • You could access at your convenience all the articles offline.
  • In case you change your mobile handset after purchasing WikiPock, you could simply download WikiPock application to your new mobile from the website again.

Storage space required by WikiPock

  • The English version of the WikiPock needs a minimum of 4GB storage space.
  • The other languages require less storage space.

To buy WikiPock click here.

However, I am not sure how many people would be interested in paying for a copy of Wikipedia for mobiles, when you can get the same on the Web for free. For those who don’t mind the money factor, I think this service can be a useful one.

Link: WikiPock

(Image credit: WikiPock)

One Comment

Malathy Badri March 4, 2011

What about future updates of articles? Do you have to download the database everyday?