Will facebook’s new patent prove to be effective ?

Have you ever noticed how the English word ‘Search‘ immediately sends an image of  ‘Google‘ in your mind? 🙂 With its great search results and interesting search algorithms we people enjoy having an on line dictionary or encyclopedia that is free. Well the thing is now Facebook is being awarded a social search patent that was used by Google earlier.

This is based on the amount of clicks number of users do. That is, the search results pages are ranked according to the number of clicks by its users. This patent’s application was filed six years ago by Facebook people. I do not know whether it was using this thing or not earlier also. Is it so that the users should like or see only those things that are viewed by their friends or friends of friends? Suppose his/her interests do not match in some way but he is bound to see the links what his/her friends in the network like.

What do you think of such a patent? Do you think we will see any important changes to Facebook search or any other thing related to it?