Winners for New Orkut Invitations

This is an update to our post announcing new Orkut invitation giveaway!

First, I must say response for new Orkut invitation is much more than we have expected earlier. I had to practically turn off email notifications for my Orkut account since every few minute I was receiving email notification for either a new friend request or a new scrap in my scrapbook.

This is one reason we had to close comments on our post announcing Orkut invitation giveaway! I received more than 70 friend requests in last 2-3 days. By the way if you really like to increase number of friends on Orkut, do send us your profile link. We will share it with our readers who are eagerly waiting for new Orkut invites. 🙂

Anyway as contest closed today only 9 Orkut users meant to be selected. Why 9? That’s the number of Orkut invitations I had!

So going through around 60 comments and ignoring all scraps (we already mentioned about how we were going to select winners so no offense please), following 9 people are first whom I could invite.

  1. Alvaro Rannon
  2. Victor Marques
  3. Felipe Mesquita
  4. Tatiana Yambanis Thomaz
  5. Vinicius Oliveira
  6. Jasir Javaz
  7. Pedro Comparin Correa
  8. Sreehari Kartha
  9. Sandip Menon

They are not first users to comment. But then users with crazy character in their Orkut profile names cannot be searched at all. Also some users who were invited by other Orkut users in last 2-3 days didn’t show up in search I made for sending invitation.

Anyway, to all winners, enjoy new Orkut and do let us know how do you find it! If you like to share your new Orkut experience with our reader community, here is the link to join our network. You can also make some bucks while having fun! 😉

Link: New Orkut Invitation Giveaway


Jasir Javaz November 2, 2009

haha… U started rockin…keep it up ma frnd

Ravi November 2, 2009

Please give me invite

Anumod I S November 2, 2009

Thanks man…..

Cristhian November 3, 2009

Please give me one, pleaseee… My Orkut Profile:

My twitter profile:

Thank’s a lot

Felipe Mesquita November 3, 2009

Yaay! thanks a lot man! I’m enjoying it a lot!

marcos November 3, 2009

Please give me invite ;):) thanks

Hardik November 3, 2009

Pls…..Someone help me…..I m dying 2 get new Orkut…!!

rajavidhuran November 3, 2009

please give me an inviatation………….

GAUTAM CHOPRA November 3, 2009

please send me a request … please..:-)

Vaibhav Shah November 3, 2009

please if possible send me an invite.
I would be highly greatful.

Thanks & Regards
Vaibhav Shah

Luiz November 4, 2009

Please give me invite

Abhay November 4, 2009

plzz yaar invite me…

Priscila November 4, 2009

I want the new orkut! Invite me pls!!

Gustavo Rugila November 4, 2009

I would appreciate an invite New Orkut:

Thanks a lot

harpreet dhiman November 4, 2009

just looking for a invite…………….

gregory November 4, 2009

please, give me invite… gregoryvilhena[at] Thank you

Rannon November 5, 2009

The same thing happend to me: lots of friend requests asking for invites.

Thanks a lot.

Arun November 5, 2009

Please send me too.

ajay November 5, 2009

please give me the invite for new orkut…!!!

Susmita November 5, 2009

I tried for past many hours but failed to get one single invitation. No one is ready to send me one invitation except their friends. So only friends can get such invitations but not me because I am not among them. Would you please send me an invitation? Can I get one?

parth November 6, 2009

send this to your friends

thays November 6, 2009

what is this other new blogs! people begging for an invitation that’s pathetic !!

Vipul November 6, 2009

hey can i have an invite?

Samarth November 7, 2009

I love you…. new orkut!!!
You are so tempting!!!!
U can create more saliva in my mouth than a big cheesy hamburger.

Ranyer November 7, 2009

Invite me Please !!!!

[email protected]

r4 card November 7, 2009

I am currently using orkut and facebook i always choose orkut as my regular usage..
Because orkut was really nice social site and this article giving me info about orkut so i really like it..

Shamin November 7, 2009

Please invite me

Aayush November 7, 2009

hey..plz can sum1 give me da invitation 4 new orkut!@

Adriano November 8, 2009

Please give me one New Orkut Invitation
My Orkut Profile:

My twitter profile:

sauravjit November 8, 2009

Get new orkut invitation:

Mateus November 10, 2009

Please inviteme

Hardik Patel November 11, 2009

send me an invitation

Rahul Rajput November 12, 2009

send me an invitation i need it urgently

diwakar November 14, 2009

Would you please send me an invitation?

raghav November 19, 2009

please send me invite

ABEER CHAWLA November 22, 2009

plz i mvery excited for new orkut send me only 1 invite 🙂 my profile is-

thank you
With regards

Marcus December 18, 2009

Hi, im very glad if i get invite, i like to test beta versions and find bugs 🙂 Have a nice day!

Marcus December 18, 2009

sorry for second comment i forgot my profile link