Bulk following starts with Twitter Lists

I have been using Lists on Twitter and they seem to be a great way to organize and share information with others online. Lists feature has really been a hit in Twitter as there are literally millions of lists already created over the last week or two. The idea behind it is quite simple, I can now make lists of people I follow and hence I can have all tweets from blogs in rtBlogs network in one single list. 🙂


@Twitter Lists

  • Using Lists seems to be a great way to follow tweets in bulk. I have seen some bloggers follow literally thousands of accounts on Twitter. Such users obviously use TweetDeck or similar tools to organize and channel the information that comes through on Twitter in a more manageable way. With Lists you can do the same but without using such tools.
  • Another advantage that Lists will eventually have is a control on Spammers. For instance people might end up following lists instead of individuals and if the List is complied by someone trustworthy, you can be sure that the ones in that list are not spammers. 😉
  • Its a great way for users to compile a list of 25 different feeds you have and put them up in one list. For instance a company like Google might have 10 different feeds to give information through, instead of following these accounts individually now you just might need to follow one list.
  • Now there is a counter of not just the number of followers you have but also the number of times your account is listed. This can be a way to rank a account as reputed by others. For instance @Google made it into 6726 lists. Followers sometime can be fake accounts and spammers, Lists have a lesser chance of being fake or malicious.

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Harsh Agrawal November 3, 2009

I love this concept of list and more over I can follow someone recommendation.. after end of Followfriday stuff.. This is a great feature added by twitter.