Winners of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 Six Months License

Gaganpreet had announced a contest few days ago through DevilsWorkshop where 3 lucky winners were to be selected and given free license for 6 months of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010. As Gaganpreet was busy he had asked me to announce the winners and give out the codes through e-mail.

The contest is over now and the 3 WINNERS are …

  • Tushar Tajane (14)
  • Jigar (6)
  • Echoblogger (10)

Tushar, Jigar and Echoblogger you all are requested to send an email to me at [email protected] so I can mail you the key codes. 🙂

How the Contest Winners were selected?

All contestants were assigned a number and three numbers between 1 to 15  was chosen randomly from and the winners were selected.

Overall 15 readers replied in the comments section and hence were valid to get themselves registered for winning. (Screen Shots are below on how the numbers were selected.)

  1. Adi
  2. Jayasimha Reddy
  3. Arun Dhawan Insan
  4. Sriram
  5. Prasanth Chandra
  6. Jigar
  7. Ravindra Gullapalli
  8. Rahul
  9. Sujay
  10. EchoBlogger
  11. reuben
  12. aadil
  13. venkat
  15. Ramesh


Congratulations to the winners and do subscribe to to get in on the action. 😉

A special thanks to Gaganpreet’s generosity for sharing these goodies on DW and being a great contributor to Devilsworkshop. 🙂


Adi September 21, 2009

Congratulations to winners !! Enjoy ur six months virus protection 🙂 may devils workshop announce more and more such contests for benefit of we readers and next time may luck favour me to win some goodies 🙂 -Adi

vivek jain September 21, 2009

Congrats Jigar, Tushar, EchoBlogger. Have a bug free experience for the next six months 😀
Keep reading, Keep posting. 🙂

TUSHAR TAJANE September 21, 2009

Hey . . .
Thanksss Adi . . .

Finally I won something online!! woo hoo . .

Sent you my email ID.

Have a nice time 🙂
Thanks again

sanit November 23, 2009