Flashnote: Simplest Note Taking App [Windows only]

Since more than a year now, I am using Flashnote, the simplest, lightest and easy to use note taking app I have ever come across and importantly this wonderful app for windows is absolutely free. After installing flashnote, you can open the app by pressing “Alt+S” (default shortcut key) write anything there and press escape to close the app. You need not waste time opening a new file, saving it, etc. All I can say is just use it once and see what wonders it can do for you! 😉


Features of Flashnote:

  • Easily launch flashnote by pressing “Alt+S” or any other predefined keyboard shortcut
  • Entered text automatically gets saved to a specific windows folder
  • Create categories and sub-categories for different notes
  • Easily backup/export all your notes within second
  • Option to use customized background and text color

Few Features I wish Flashnote had:

  • Auto backup of data on the cloud and option to sync with multiple computers at work and home
  • Support for other operating systems as well
  • Support to take note of screenshots as in one note and some other note taking app

Hope someone from Flashnote team reads this and try to implement the suggested features.

Links: Flashnote | Download Flashnote


Meenavirgo September 20, 2009

Thanks Deepak for nice share.. I used to use notepad+ but never really enjoyed it..Flashnote interface seems to be very neat and clean…

Deepak Jain September 29, 2009

You are welcome!! 🙂