WordPress 3.0 Gives URL Shortener Under your Domain Name

We have already seen many articles on Internet for getting URL shortener under your domain name. One major benefit for the same is branding, in WordPress 3.0, WordPress team has taken care of this. When you upgrade to WordPress 3.0, you can click on Get shortlink from dashboard to get URL shortener under your domain name.


This is really useful for your brand. I wish if we can use the same for Tweetmeme link and other links to Shorten using your domain name shortener instead of bit.ly or su.pr shortener. Though this can be achieved using plugins, but default feature would be very handy.

Meanwhile do let us know what do you think about this URL shortener under your domain name in WordPress 3.0?


Maor June 20, 2010

Well, nothing really new here, but the button to get it, since anyway the short url was available to use. If you just looked for the id of your post, your could always use the link mydomain.com/?p=nnn to get it.

Ganapathy June 22, 2010


I have upgraded to WP 3.0 and I have my blog in my own domainbut the “get shortlink” button still gives me only wp.me shortlink. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

Mezanul June 28, 2010

Thanks Harsh for the update.

If you use WordPress.com Stats plugin, then you will get wp.me shortlink, when you click on the Get Shortlink button. 🙂

Milan July 1, 2010

Are the redirects 301 or 302?

salman September 7, 2010

thanks to wordpress

Daniele December 15, 2010

I installed the version 3.03 of WordPress but I see no buttons for shortcode, I have to activate this function?>