WordPress 3.0 Shortlink and WordPress.com Wp.me Shortener Issue [Solved]

In my earlier post I told you about Wordpress 3.0 gives URL shortener under your domain name and this is one great feature by WordPress 3.0. Though if you are using WordPress.com stats plugin, you will be getting wp.me URL link which clicking on Get shortlink.

wp.me URL shortener
wp.me URL shortener

This wp.me shortened link is because of WordPress.com stats plugin. At once I thought I have to disable WordPress.com stats plugin to get Shortened link under my domain name. But after looking at wordpress.com stats plugin option page, which is accessible from plugins>Wordpress.com Stats. You can disable wp.me URL shortener. Follow this screenshot:

Wordpress.com Stats plugin option page
Wordpress.com Stats plugin option page

Uncheck the option which says, publish wp.me shortlinks as meta data and after that you can get shortened URL under your domain name.

So far I’m loving WordPress 3.0 and exploring features of WordPress 3.0. Do let me know what’s your opinion about WordPress 3.0?


Arjen Ketelaar June 19, 2010

I like the idea of wp shortcodes; however the sortcodes I’m receiving don’t work. For example http://wp.me/s-delft.

Anyone with the same problem?

Ganapathy June 22, 2010

I saw this post and got answer for a question I raised in the other post. Thanks Harsh.