How to Enable Multiple Site Network Option in WordPress 3.0

We have been talking about WordPress 3.0 from long and one of the killer feature of Worpress 3.0 is empowering users to run multiple Websites from one blog. In WordPress 3.0 we have super admin and many more thing which we will keep discussing in coming posts.

In this post I will guide you on how you can enable the Network settings option to enable multi-site option in WordPress 3.0.

The process is simple and to get started with, open your WordPress installation directory via FTP and open wp-config file and add

define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

Once you have added it, refresh your dashboard and  go to Network settings under Tools section.


At first you will see this warning message and to  get rid of this, you need to disable all your WordPress plugin at once and after that you will see page like this:


Is isn’t it simple?. This is a quick post to show you how you can enable multi-site option in WordPress 3.0. We will be coming up with more detailed post on merging blogs  into one blog and more WordPress 3.0 tutorial. To keep you updated with latest post, don’t forget to subscribe to our Feeds and twitter  @wpveda.

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10 replies on “How to Enable Multiple Site Network Option in WordPress 3.0”

  1. Why after I & II step i.e. adding one line of code in wp-config.php and disable plugin, the screenshoot showing in your post appears in my Tools>network instead of this?

  2. Hello harsh,
    I just installed WP 3.0 on my development Win 2008 Server. It’s a fresh new installation. I modifiied the config.php (and tje config-sample.php, just tadding the above line but nothing happens. What’s missing?
    Please it’s quite urgent as I have two new blogs to setup in days!

  3. YEs its working but still i cant edit inside s not gettin the css and also is not showing // showing as a 404 for newsite 🙁

    help me

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