WordPress Post Date in human readable format

Four months ago I was not able to print my posted date in  this format “18 days ago” in WordPress. But now I am able to so and thought why not share the solution through this blog.  🙂

Steps to convert the earlier date as shown in the above figure (22 July,2010) to 5 days ago:

  • Use the following code snippet in your fuction.php
      function rt_day_ago( $type = 'post' )
                 $rt_misc = 'comment' == $type ? 'get_comment_time' : 'get_post_time';
                 return human_time_diff($rt_misc('U'), current_time('timestamp')) . " " . __('ago');
  • Call the above function where we want to display these post pages as well as comment pages.

<?php echo rt_day_ago() ?>

For more information click here.

If you know some other way also to change the post timings, feel free to share it with me through your comments.

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