An Acid test with Chrome, IE9 and Firefox 4

I have heard a lot about Internet Explorer 9 beta as a browser which Microsoft has finally got right. On the other hand I have always been using Firefox and then later on Chrome. When it comes to surfing on websites where I do not need to use Firefox Add-ons I prefer to used Chrome. The main reason being, Chrome is super fast and I hardly have any issues with it.

I decided to test the new browser versions against the currently, stable Chrome with the Acid 3 test.

Chrome scores the 100/100! Not surprising as even its earlier versions have hit the hundred mark.

Firefox scored 97/100. This was again not surprising as earlier versions have done decently in the Acid3 tests. Considering Firefox 4 is still beta and has not released the final version, we might see a lot more improvements.

IE9 stills scored 93/100 but did much better than its predecessor. IE8 would get stuck at a lowly 60/100 when I tested that browser last year. It seems to have improved its performance by lot with IE9.

What are Acid3 tests?


Acid3 is a test page from Web Standards Project. The Acid 3 test basically carries out many tests and gives a graphical representation of the scoring. Ideally you can try out the Acid 3 test on your browser. Click on the letter ‘A’ from Acid 3 and it will show you further details of the test results.


Will this help Internet Explorer maintain it’s lead?

Chances are that IE9 will be a stable browser and will match up with Firefox and Chrome features wise. It is anyways looking a lot like a fancy twin of Chrome. IE9 will probably help old faithful users of Internet Explorer to stick with it has still not show us something radically different. Something not browser other than Chrome managed since the last 2 years.

Try out Acid 3 results on your browser of choice and do share the results with us through your comments.

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  1. The marks depends on the our customised setting. The test takes the default settings used by browser as the requirement for eligibility to pass the test.

    1. agreed. IE9 and Firefox 4 were default settings as in without addons. Chrome still seems to perform far better anyways.

  2. guys after performing this test, my opera mini 4.2 crashes often and everytime i have to synchronise and set folder for saved pages. Also all the settings were changed into default automatically. please help me to solve this problem.

  3. Hi AK. any pointers on how to control the bloat that chrome induces on the hdd. I wud like to use chrome as it’s the best in the business(i currently use it on and off uninstalling/reinstalling)

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