Yahoo Mail rolls out 1 TB storage space: Takes aim at Gmail

Yahoo Mail introduced 1 TB storage space, new limit of 200 filters and new themed UI which stays consistent across platforms.

Way back when free email services like Hotmail and Yahoo dominated the market, a upstart decided to disrupt the whole scene. Free email services were only offering a mere 2 or 5 MB space for your inbox, Google rolled out Gmail with 1 GB storage. Before Google became the big web giant it hired Marissa Mayer among it’s first few employees.

Marissa Mayer worked on web interface and web server projects but also spent time on some iconic projects like Gmail (source) and Google Maps among other things. Today the same Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo and now Yahoo is borrowing a page from Gmail and trying to be disruptive by offering a staggering 1 TB storage space with Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail has a new interface with new themes that stay across platforms which other than web include Android, iOS and Windows. The important the changes are the 1 TB storage space, increasing the limit of filters to 200 up from 100 previously.  There is also a new compose layout.

Yahoo Mail New UI

It also allows attachment photos to be previewed in full screen.

Yahoo Mail’s new UI remains consistent on mobile devices. The Android and iPhone apps will also have a new swipe features. Yahoo is harnessing the power of Flickr photos to give beautiful new themes to users.  The 1 TB space is just so much, that it might be very lucrative for small businesses which are shelling out money for a lot less storage space with their email service.

Yahoo Mail on Mobile phones
Yahoo Mail on Mobile phones

Yahoo Mail is very different than it was a year ago and it seems it is finally pulled its socks up. unfortunately Yahoo does does not have its own cloud storage service like Google Drive, but it has a collaboration with Dropbox for allowing users to save attachments from Yahoo mail.

The new features are being rolled out starting today but I have not yet received the new look Yahoo Mail. If you have already got access to the new UI, do drop in your comments your views on it.

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Fred October 9, 2013

One of the most-used words on the help pages of Yahoo about the new interface is “sucks”. Yahoo took away most of the comfortable functionality the former interface leading many commenters on the help pages to announce they will leave Yahoo Mail. – Perhaps because they don’t care so much about themes but about something they can use.
When will Yahoo realize they are in the footsteps of Microsoft’s Windows 8 disaster?

Sagar Rai October 9, 2013

Hi Aditya ,
One reason I used Yahoo over Gmail is for that tab feature. I used to be able to keep multiple emails open (very useful for work), now it’s gone. Geez.