YouTube Enters the Live and Exclusive Era!

When television began, it led to a great number of television shows being produced and broadcast. It was an alternative to the 2 hr movie watching in a theater and mixed with news and other talk shows. But all this when it comes to revenues is secondary to live telecast. For any channel the inputs are minimal while revenues are greatest when they cover live events.

The internet is where most videos are watched. YouTube has probably hurt channel that aired music videos or shows that put together funny ads or home videos. YouTube is where a lot of video watching happens online. But all these are recorded videos and not live. Today YouTube has introduced a separate page on which you will be able to lookup and view all Live events.

Why Live Streaming is big for YouTube?


  • Think of YouTube as a television. We come across episodes, advertisements and the whole nine yards. One thing missing is watching live telecast of major events.
  • There are some websites that show online cricket, football and even news events live. Most of these website do not have much competition but now with YouTube Live, this might completely change. So websites like might need to watch out.
  • The live page shows a listing for all the shows that will be streamed live. It also has a section with links to what is being streamed live.

Revenues boost for YouTube?

YouTube might be hugely successful for Google as a product but when it comes to revenues it can do a lot better. I guess with live streaming  of exclusive content revenues might get a good push with YouTube.

Check out YouTube Live and look up some live content. Do drop in your views.

Link: YouTube Live

Source: YouTube Blog