Zynga Games: Google’s new trump card against Facebook

There have been great rivalries in the past when it came to technology companies. Operating Systems and Personal computers both existed before Apple and Microsoft but the game was fought between the two for control of the OS market. Then we had the internet itself at stake. Yahoo and MSN slugged it out until Google the geeky search engine took its competitors to the cleaners. Facebook has did the same to My Space and other competitors in the social networking category.

Now Google and Facebook stand to challenge each other. At stake is who will get more users to stay on its website longer.

We recently covered Google Me, which is supposedly a new Social network being created by Google. Facebook on the other hand has a lot of features and one massive hit with Facebook users are its games. Mainly Farmville and Mafia Wars. These games are created by Zynga.

These have addicted millions around the globe to make Facebook a one stop place for them when they are online.

I read recently that Google has secretly invested over $ 100 million into Zyngya to collaborate for creating Google Games.

This means the game is on, first with ‘Google Me’ rumors and now with Zynga, Google is pulling out aces all over to keep Facebook worried and make sure their dominance remains.

Lately Google has really made inroads and its big future plans are really in spaces which already have leaders like Facebook in social networking and iPhone, RIM in the smart phone space. Google seems to be this hydra capable of competing across various technologies and competing well.

Is Google right to concentrate so much on social networking rather than keep working on Google search and Gmail which are its traditional spheres of dominance? Do let us know through your comments.

One Comment

sheetal July 13, 2010

Well google don’t need to worry about google and gmail as they are never going to stop..and also once google comes up with its own social networking website they will surely integrate zynga games there also… mean while they will give time to zynga to think of such addictive games like farm ville and mafia war to get implemented.