Animate your face with online photo editor

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I had been to this website just a couple of days ago. Today, I noticed  a feature in which can make emoticons of our own face by detecting each part of your face. Do you Have a pic with the best background, but your face with no smile?  Then cartoon is what you have been hunting for.

How to turn a weeping pic to a smiling one?

  • Visit and upload an image you want to animate. Then select the type of emoticon, wink or smile.
  • Check Animate if you want it as a .gif file or keep it unchecked if you want it to be a still image with the effect in action.
  • Set the photo size of your choice and then Apply.
  • You can use this website without the need to register but if you do register you can save your photos online where as if you are not registered the photos are deleted after 12 hours.



There are other features like Photo editor, Photo enhancer and more in the website. But only’s cartoon made me write an article about it.

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Which feature of did you like the most? Drop your views in the comments.

Link: | Cartoon

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    1. Yeah, you can do that but we can’t expect everybody to have photoshop and they may require an online alternative for it rather than buying a licensed photoshop.

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