Aviary’s new HTML 5 Photo Editor codenamed “Feather”

Everyone is set to show off their HTML 5 skills. The latest in this race is Aviary, which has recently launched an HTML 5 Photo Editor, which is codenamed “Feather“.

Feather is an online photo editing tool based on HTML 5 as compared to other Aviary tools based on Flash. It can also be added as a widget within your website. As compared to other photo editing tools offered by Aviary, Feather’s USP would have to be its simplicity and portability.

Readers can come to your website, browse through and edit any picture without deviating away from your page.

What can you do with Feather:

  • Upload Images
  • Predefined effects – Retro, Old Photo, Toy Camera.
  • Standard Tools -Rotate, Flip, Crop
  • Editing Tools – Red Eye, Blemish, Color Correction
  • Widget Option.

Screenshot of the Devil’s logo edited on Feather:

Aviary has kept up with great tools like Phoenix, Toucan, Raven and many more. It seems like being HTML5 is winning the battle against Flash. Or are companies bending over backwards to be visible on iPad thanks to Apple’s distaste for Flash. :-)

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Link: Aviary Feather

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Shradha Rao

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  • Kapil


    It would be very nice if developers can add tools here. and then allow to embed them.

    Nice find :)

    • Shradha Rao

      I think you’re right Kapil. Hopefully Aviary is reading your suggestions! 😛

  • Kapil


    I found “Flash video” on HTML5 site 😀 haha