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Getting excited about something new is very good but sometimes that excitement translates into enthusiasm and at other times it leads to recklessness. This is especially very true for a blogger, as sometimes when I get excited about something new to share I get lost in the excitement and end up writing a post. After a few days I realize I could have added a few more points, maybe covered more things.Sometimes I am unhappy that because of my excitement I have written some words in a repetitive way.

The repetitive words are fillers and often can take away from the quality of your post. I came across an website which counts the repetitive words I might have used. Did you notice how many times I have used ‘repetitive’ in this post until now? :-)


About Word Counter

Hope you find this website useful, I certainly will be using it for a quick check on every post I write on DW. 😉 Improvement is a continuous process anyways. Let me know what you think about this online tool and if you think it will help you write better articles, posts or even reports.

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