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Getting excited about something new is very good but sometimes that excitement translates into enthusiasm and at other times it leads to recklessness. This is especially very true for a blogger, as sometimes when I get excited about something new to share I get lost in the excitement and end up writing a post. After a few days I realize I could have added a few more points, maybe covered more things.Sometimes I am unhappy that because of my excitement I have written some words in a repetitive way.

The repetitive words are fillers and often can take away from the quality of your post. I came across an website which counts the repetitive words I might have used. Did you notice how many times I have used ‘repetitive’ in this post until now? 🙂


About Word Counter

  • So you can see that I repeated the word ‘repetitive’ 4 times. Ideally I should have not repeated this word more than 2 or a maximum of 3 times.
  • What I did was copy-paste the top part of this post into this website called Word Counter. It checked the repeated words and gave me a list.
  • The website allows you to omit words like ‘if’, ‘to’ which obviously will be repeated often

Hope you find this website useful, I certainly will be using it for a quick check on every post I write on DW. 😉 Improvement is a continuous process anyways. Let me know what you think about this online tool and if you think it will help you write better articles, posts or even reports.

10 Replies to “Check if your content is repetitive with online tool”

  1. Nice tool., I initially thought after reading your title, that it is about checking your content with other websites for repition 😀

  2. A real innovative tool… This can really prove as a life saver for bloggers whose blogs have been very old and especially for those who have n number of posts and do not remember as to what has already been posted…

    1. @All: Thanks for liking the post. I think more than SEO related, it would be a great way to check if you are going round and about your points. Ideally a tech related post should be to the point and precise.
      @Rishabh: Thanks for the compliment, but I think its a really nifty tool. I ll be using it a lot, especially when writing a longish post.

  3. Seems like a great tool. But in reality it doesn’t matter how many times you have repeated as long as you are not irritating the reader by it 😉

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