Google celebrates Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday; the new Google Doodle!!

Today when I logged in to the Google’s homepage, I noticed the logo with 5 apples and after a few seconds, I felt like some action when one of the apples dropped 🙂

I was amazed to see this and refreshed the page again to see it again. I was very curious why the apple dropped. Others find it funny, while others are thinking deeply what’s the reason behind the apple drop.

First, I thought that the animated dropping apple is because of Google’s rivalry with Apple while some must not have cared about it.

So, why did the Apple drop? I found the answer once I placed my mouse on the Google Apple Doodle for the day 🙂

After clicking on the doodle, I realized that today is Isaac Newton’s birthday! Isaac Newton got famous because he invented the concept of Gravity when an Apple dropped over his head (what we read in our Class 7 books ) That’s it! That’s why the apple is dropping today on the Google’s homepage!

The Issac Newton Google doodle for today is simply amazing. If you have not been on Google’s homepage today, then it’s time to do it

So, go to the Google’s homepage of you have not seen the Apple dropping there already 🙂

Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton 🙂

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Amandeep Singh.

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Mayur Somani January 4, 2010

Check this video for the live animation of this doodle,

strGraphics January 4, 2010

Ya, from morning i am also seeing but i dont know why the apple is dropping every time when i open 😉

i just came to know, How ever google guys are super

Jignesh January 4, 2010

I am fan of google for their logo, style but I didn’t understood how they had done this?
which software , any scripts or what.
Its owsome.

Amandeep Singh January 4, 2010

Mayur, Thanks for sharing the video 🙂

Anshul Dixit January 5, 2010

I read the same post with exactly the same content by the same author on shoutmeloud. I think it is not good to have duplicate content on two different sites. Or is it ok?

themepremium January 5, 2010

@Anshul it’s not good for blogs..and it was an accident that post has been published on both the blogs. Will be taking care of this issue..Thanks for notifying us about it!

Amandeep Singh January 6, 2010

I also believe in the same concept… But my intention was not wrong.. really… I did not know the seriousness of this… I have got the result as I have been banned from posting on SML…So will take care that this is not repeated in future… This has inspired me to start my own blog on the niche and share my thoughts with you all…DW admin.. This will no9t be repeated. You may check that in the future content… 🙂