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If you love using your computer for writing there is a good chance that you would want a peaceful environment which allows you to think and write without distraction. Many bloggers end up blogging during the nights because it does give you a peaceful environment. No doorbells, no phones ringing and no traffic noise in the off chance you live near a busy road street. These are distractions out there in the world which you cannot do much about except lock yourself in a room or work at nights.

The distractions on your computer can be a very irritating. Email notifiers, chat clients, Tweet Deck pop-ups and many more applications running on your computer can actually disturb you from your writing. This is where I like writing tools which are distraction free. Deepak Jain had reviewed JDarkRoom Writing tool a few months ago on our blog and I came across CreaWriter writing tool which I like better.


Features of CreaWriter

I do not think anyone writing less that 400 words would be using this tool. It is not a blogging tool but very useful for writing for long periods without a break in the chain of thoughts.

Download: Creawriter

Link: Lifehacker

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