JDarkroom: Distraction Free Cross-platform Text Editor

JDarkroom JDarkroom is a cross platform simple text editor that can increase your productivity manifold by making your computer screen a writing room with nothing on the screen except the text you write. It helps you write essay, speech, blog posts, etc without any distraction like popup, notifications, IM, Emails, etc and it is preferable tool for professional bloggers and writers.

Importantly, this awesome application comes absolutely free for all operating systems- Windows, Linux and Mac.

Features of JDarkroom

  • Customizable background, text colors and size (F6)
  • Feature to count word/character/lines (by using the keys Ctrl+L)
  • Text search (Ctrl+F)
  • On startup opens the file that you were last working on

Link: Download JDarkroom

Published by Deepak Jain

Deepak Jain is passionate about technology and mobile phones. He is the founder & executive editor at Mobile Gyaan and Editor-at-Large of this blog.

3 replies on “JDarkroom: Distraction Free Cross-platform Text Editor”

  1. Okay it seems to be working with windows but when i installed it to Linux Fedora it has a lot of issues with copy paste 🙁

    1. @Aditya
      Though, I have not tried JDarkroom on Linux but its official page states that it works well on other platforms too..
      If you had problem using it in Linux, then better report about it to the official team

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