[Gmail Update] Desktop Notifications for new Emails & Chat

Google in its yet another approach to make Gmail more friendly has introduced Desktop Notifications for Chats and any new Email messages. Desktop Notifications are possible under the pretext of HTML5 and available only for Chrome users as of now. This is clearly another attempt to attract users to Google Chrome browser which already has a market segment of more than 10% worldwide. Even I activated the feature to see how this works and found out the following:

DW desktopnotification1

Activation is easy and you will find the relevant settings under the Gmail Settings page in the General section with the title ‘Desktop Notifications’. You can select what all Desktop notifications you want to receive like Chats, All new emails or only for Important emails. No doubt, you can always Turn off the notifications anytime in case you wish to do so.

DW desktopnotification2

I guess this is a great move and will make Gmail much more favourite among the users. Let me know what you feel about this update and how do you plan to use Desktop notifications further. Don’t hesitate even if you have some queries about this.

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