[Gmail Update] Desktop Notifications for new Emails & Chat

Google in its yet another approach to make Gmail more friendly has introduced Desktop Notifications for Chats and any new Email messages. Desktop Notifications are possible under the pretext of HTML5 and available only for Chrome users as of now. This is clearly another attempt to attract users to Google Chrome browser which already has a market segment of more than 10% worldwide.

Desktopify: Convert web widgets into desktop widgets

Many website have widgets to basically link up with other websites or even display information. Desktopify will be able to convert web widgets into desktop widgets. It allowed me to create Desktop widgets with two simple steps that is I had to paste the widget code and Desktopify can automatically create a desktop widget for me with a single click.

Check Buzz updates with Desktop application

Anyone using Twitter and Facebook a lot might be aware of desktop applications like Digsby and Yoono, to use them without the need to visit their web pages. For the moment there are not many impressive stand alone desktop apps for Google Buzz. After doing a bit of research I found Google Buzz Desktop a application that allows you to update and read your Buzz updates from the desktop itself.

Gmail now on your desktop!

Every alternative days Google is coming out with cool new features in its network of services, may it be Orkut, Gmail, Google Calendar or Google search. Truly speaking I don’t have any words left to thank Google for all their efforts towards improving its service. As such I am directly coming to the point. ๐Ÿ˜‰ […]