Google Tool to Check Your Website’s Performance on a Mobile Phone

If you own a website, it is important to take into account how your website would be displayed on a mobile platform. Over the past few years, usage of mobile phones and tablet devices has grown manifold. For instance if even 20% of your readers view your website on a mobile device, then it is a good idea to check how if the links can be clicked with a thumb on a touch screen or if text on a page can be read without the need for magnifying.

Google AdSense obviously sees a lot opportunities for displaying ads on websites viewed on a mobile device. It has developed a free online tool called How to Go Mobile, which helps you check how your website performs on a mobile phone.

It is better to check with Google Analytics if your blog or website needs a mobile version of it before investing too much time in making design changes on your website.

Do try out How To Go Mobile tool and drop in your comments.

Link: howtogomo

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