Google’s New Favicon Inspired from AVG ?

Today, I was surprised to see the new favicon on google and its related sites. I knew someone would have surely made an entry on Devil’s workshop and Deepak did mentioned it here. But the new image was so familiar to me and later I found out it was like that of AVG antivirus logo. Actually, Google was inspired for the new logo by a design submitted by André Resende, a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Campinas in Brazil. But I think this what would have actually happened.

AVG favicon + 90 degree turn + Old favicon + Some smudging -> New favicon


Sorry, I’m very poor at photoshop :)

Links: Google blog | Old Favicon Change | AVG

  • Pat Bitton

    Neat construct – thanks :-)

  • p@r@noid

    Very interesting find…..
    Dugg for the unique find.

  • Sriganesh

    Thanks buddy… :)

  • Kalpak Valaulikar

    cool stuff

  • anonymous

    The AVG icon is basically the windows logo rotated 180 degrees anyway!

  • Rahul

    Great information in depth. i was wondering why Google changed its favicon.

  • CoffeeBeans

    Rotate it another 90 degrees and you have the Windows Vista icon with the exact same angles

  • Jason

    Not surprising since Google uses the AVG virus scanner on their search results/GMail attachments.

  • Pratik Parekh

    i think the favicon…is more like the one used by
    it looks almost same

    • Deepak Jain

      @ Pratik Parekh
      Not exactly.. But its usage of ‘g’ on the favicon resembles with that of

  • Pavan Kumar

    That’s a nice find…. A deep observation can assist you identify such thing… stumbled :)

  • Sriganesh

    Thanks… :)

  • Gautam

    Lol.. yea….

  • Bapun

    Interesting observation there…

  • Luca

    and avg ispired from windows. rotate it 180°