How to change Role of a Facebook Page Admin

Facebook finally added a much awaited feature which is very useful for Facebook Page Owners. This feature was missing from Facebook pages from a very long time and that’s why we suggested you to keep your Facebook Pages with a single Admin only.

Different types of Admin Roles:

Facebook now added five different types of admin roles i.e. Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insight Analyst. The manager is same as the owner or admin of page having all the privileges and highest degree of permissions for that page. Content creator is the same as a Manager but he can’t add or remove any other member as admin. Moderator can comment or delete comments but cannot create a new post. Advertiser can create an ad and view page insights and the Insight Analyst can just see the page insights. Check out the table below for more clarification.

Facebook pages admin roles

How to Change Admin Roles:

To add an admin or change the role of an existing admin click on “Edit Page” on the top of page and then select “Admin Roles” from the drop down list. Then either add the name of new admin or select their Role from the drop down list given with their names and click “Save”. Check the screenshot below:

facebook admin roles

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Facebook’s new feature; get to know when your friend reads your message

A couple of days back, top social networking website added a new and a very clever feature. As usual there was no official information about this feature as they have not updated their official blog since January ’12. The new feature is related to the messages you send to your friends.

This feature is just like the delivery reports of SMS on our mobile phone but we can say it as an advanced version of it. Now whenever you’ll send a message to your friend, you will see a text at the bottom of chat window which will show you the time when your friends reads your message. If it’s not showing anything that means your message is still unread. See the pic below:

Facebook's new feature; get to know when your friend reads your message

Here the 1 shows that the message is delivered and read by my friend at 4:36AM but the 2 shows that the message is delivered (as there was no error message) but the message is still unread. This new feature is only available in the chat box and if your are chatting offline from your inbox then you need to open your chat window. There is no need to be online on chat to use it.

So next time be careful if you’re ignoring someone’s messages on Facebook. 😉 Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Stay connected for more Facebook related stuff.



New ‘Sharing’ controls on Facebook

After an official announcement on Facebook blog, they finally launched this new sharing controls i.e new controls for you when you share a status, photo, video or location. Let’s see what are these new controls.

Check out the screenshot of the new sharing controls, we will discuss each of them.

sharing control

  1. This is a new button using which you can tag your friends with your status. It’s just like you used to check-in to places and tag your friends without using any @ before the name. The good thing about this feature is that you can also tag your friends while sharing a pic or video along with a status. Also it’s much easier to tag people this way.
  2. The second new feature is to add your location with your status just like twitter does. You can select a default location like my location is written on the right of that button i.e “New Delhi”. You can change it anytime by clicking that location button again.
  3. Same feature of sharing status or photo with some people from your friend list or hiding it with few people or even sharing it with everyone on Facebook. But it’s with a little change here, the only thing they added is a line which says: “Note: anyone tagged and their friends can also see this post.
  4. Now there’s a common button for sharing photos and videos. Just click on “Add photo” for that and it will allow you to browse and upload a video as well.

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Finally we can see everybody who’s online on Facebook chat

A recent change in Facebook chat was one of most disliked changes in Facebook design and that was also one of the major reasons why Facebook is loosing it’s popularity. But this is for the first time that Facebook changed something after getting so many complaints and  requests. And the main reason for this change was a major hidden bug in that Facebook Chat.

new facebook chat

This bug was that Facebook Chat wasn’t showing all the friends on it even when they are online and available for chat. Rather it was showing top friends only who either recently interacted with you or most interacted. The reason for this bug was the absence of a scroll bar in the Chat. It was only showing 18 friends (a combination of online and top friends).

facebook chat new

But after so many complaints and requests (so called Facebook feedback) Facebook finally introduced a scroll bar in it with which you can see all your online and available to Chat friends just by scrolling down. However the default 18 Chat friends will be your tops friends only. Roll over your mouse to Chat sidebar to see that Scroll bar. If it’s not yet available for you then either you have less than 18 friends available for chat or this feature isn’t yet available for your profile.

Official Announcement:

After we made changes to Facebook Chat a few weeks ago, we got a lot of feedback that people missed seeing all of their online friends. Today, we made a change so that Chat now shows the friends who you message the most, as well as the rest of your friends who are currently online.

So what do you think about this feature? Is it gonna save the sinking image of Facebook?


“Messenger for Mobile” Dedicated app for messaging on Facebook

messenger for mobileFacebook just announced a new Application for mobiles which will be dedicated to Facebook messaging only. It will be a messenger like Yahoo or GTalk for mobile. The new application will allow you to send message to a Facebook friend or a normal contact directly without long procedure of searching for a friend, then opening his/her profile and clicking on compose message. This new application will show all the friends and conversation and all you have do is to click on the name of your friend and send him a message.


1. Direct Messaging:

You can send direct message to your friends on their mobile phone doesn’t matter if they are on Facebook or not. This feature will either use notifications or your phone texts to deliver a message.


2. Faster group Messaging:

You can create a group and send messages to all of them with just a single click. This will obviously save time and will be an efficient way of communicating.

3. Share location:

You can share location with people you are messaging. But this feature isn’t compulsory, you can turn off your location anytime you want to.


4. Share photos:

You can also share photos instantly with people you are messaging. You will get this option of sharing photos with the application itself.


This “Messenger for Mobile” will be available for Apple and Android phone only in the beginning however they might launch it for other platforms later.


This messenger for your Apple and Android phone will be available from today. You can search for them in your app store. If it’s not yet available, you can check out this link.

(via Facebook’s official blog.)


Facebook adds new ‘preview’ of link in comments

Facebook just launched a new feature which is to show a preview of the link that we share in comments. It’s obviously a good feature but good for spammers as well. This ‘preview’ of the page contains in a link shows a small randomly selected picture, which makes the comment as well as the link attractive so spammers can take advantage of it by using attractive pictures in a link so that more and more users will click it.

This ‘preview’ of links is working on comments made on a profile, page or a group. All you need to do is type a link including the http:// part and hit enter. It will automatically select a image from the shared link. Check out the screen shot below.

preview facebook

You can see the additional information with the link like a pic, blog’s name and info. There’s also an option of ‘remove preview’ as you can see above. Clicking on that link will remove the preview and only link will be shared like it used to be.


View all comments is back for ‘facebook albums’

One of the most important features of Facebook albums was to see all comments of an album in one place so that you can reply all of them without opening every single pic of the album. But Facebook removed this feature just like many other important features that made Facebook albums quite boring and lesser user friendly.

But this feature of Viewing all comments is back again. Facebook launched it recently without making any official information on their blog so users are still not familiar with it. Also there’s an additional feature that you can not only view comments of pictures in your album, but also for the pics your friends have uploaded.

To check comments on the pics of your album, open an album and find the Album View and Comment View button on the top right of the page. While Comment view enables you to view all the comments of that particular album, Album view button can be used to switch back to normal album view where you can watch only the pics without comments. Check the screenshot below.

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New Facebook Chat interface

Facebook is doing some minor changes with its User Interface (UI) and this time it is the friend’s list for chatting. Yes they are continuously modifying their design and the main reason behind this is not to make Facebook look better, it’s just to reduce the disk space usage on their servers and to make the page speed faster.

The recent change in the Facebook Chat is that the homepage will not show the names of the person who are online, rather it will show the profile pictures only and to check the name of the person, you have to rollover your mouse cursor on it and it will display the profile’s name.

Also you will see a small dot with an online profile’s picture which shows whether your friend is available to chat or he/she is idle. A green coloured dot means your friend is available and blue coloured means he’s idle.

There’s also a new ‘Friends on Chat’ search box where you can find your online friends by name if you can’t find them by pic or if you have a huge list of friends. Personally I don’t like Facebook chat much cuz it’s full of technical bugs but most of the Facebook users are addicted to it so do tell us whether you like it or not????


Facebook’s new retweet like ‘via’ feature is now active

You might be familiar with  the share button of Facebook by which you can share any post on facebook posted by your friends, any group or a page. But the main disadvantage of this feature was that the original contributor was not shown with the shared content. Facebook has modified it a little and this new ‘via’ feature is now active which is just similar to the retweet button of twitter.

Now whenever you share something on Facebook by clicking on the share button you which see ‘via person’s name/group name/page name along with the original content in the pop-up shown while sharing.

91022954 - Copy (3)

Unlike  retweet option, the best part of this via feature is that the original contributor’s name can be removed when not required. By using this via feature, the name of the person/group or page will be shown with the original post and proper link to the profile so that the actual person can be tracked easily.

So what do you think about this new feature? 🙂


Silently, Orkut’s Favicon Undergoes a Minor Change!

orkut new faviconIt’s been a few weeks since I noticed Orkut’s favicon was been revamped little bit. Though the design was as usual, the new favicon looks more attractive as it has been made more glossy!

Though I noticed it few weeks ago, it seems guys at Orkut did not find it worth mentioning on their official blog about such a good change.

If you are not aware, earlier this year, favicon of other Google products were been revamped and now Orkut too, underwent a favicon change. Is Google on its way to rebrand all its product? What’s you take about this new favicon?