Hide your profile picture from everyone except your friends

Facebook and it’s features is so vast that it’s nearly impossible to use it hundred percent. But I found a very useful feature of it while accessing it. It is that you can hide your profile pic from all those who are not in your friend list.Isn’t it a cool feature which ensures a total privacy specially for female users because anyone can misuse their picture anywhere on the net. Also it ensures that nobody can ever make a fake profile of yours until and unless he’s your own friend. πŸ˜€

An important feature with a simple implementation.Just go to,

Settings>Privacy Settings>>Search.

Or simply click here. It redirects you to the same page.Now uncheck the first option that is “My profile picture”.You can also hide friend’s list, add as a friend link and send message link e.t.c.

For more clarity check the screen shot below:

Facebook screenshot

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    1. @ajay
      Sorry, but you cannot create and authorize your Orkut accounts with an invalid email id as they send an authorization mail for confirming you are the owner of the id.

  1. Hi,

    I tried to hide my identity from ppl that aren’t on my friend’s list but with the new Fb’s version I can’t do that. Is there a way i can do it?

  2. Wtf… I don’t have this option and my facebook is pretty old… I know some of my friends have it set to hide their pictures though, is this because they did it BEFORE they took the option away??

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for your help on “Hide your profile picture from everyone except your friends”. Unfortunately, when I go to the privacy>search, i do not have the menu you screenshoted and posted. I onlu have: 2 section “Facebook Search Results
    Who can see your search result on Facebook”>with only me, friends or friends of friends and “Public Search Results
    This setting only allows search engines to access your publicly available information and any information you set to Everyone. This does not include anything you’ve shared with just your friends or friends of friends (see preview).” > with a box to check or not.

    Could you please help me with this?
    Thanks again for your time,

  4. This is how we know that Facebook really doesn’t care about our privacy, as if there was any question about that.

    For people desiring to create a Facebook business fan page, the fact your personal profile must be linked to the business fan site means also that your personal profile photo is viewable by everyone who visits your business page. There is a huge difference between photos I’d use for my personal profile as opposed to photos I’d allow to be directly linked to my firm.

  5. hey guys, i was just clicking here and there, then i found out how we can change privacy settings for our facebook profile pictures. this is for the latest version of facebook page.
    Step 1:Go to privacy settings (click on account then u see it.
    Step 2: click on custom, change everything u want
    Step 3: for profile pics and other albums go to customize settings
    step 4: scroll down to ‘things i share’ before the second section begins you see a blue lines which says: edit album privacy.
    Step 5: there you can change the privacy of all ur ablums including your profile pictures.

    to make sure you have done it correct you can go back to privacy settings and click on preview profile.

    hope it helped for you guys πŸ˜€

    1. hey that solution doesnt work? ive tried it out 3 times.. it hides the folder so people who are not on your friends list are not able to go through the folder, but they can still see your profile picture when they click on your profile..

      i would preferably just like the default blue facebook man to appear on my profile to people who are not on my friends list, is that possible?

      1. hey, yeah i dont think that its possible to get the default one back, but i know that u can hide the folders from others.
        they can see your current profile picture but they wont be able to zoom it in. it just shows them a small picture. you can try to see how it looks by clicking on > preview profile. let me know if you want to know more.

    2. hi

      I found your information useful but I am unable to find option for profile pic. I am able to reach Step 2 but the Step 3.
      where is customize settings

      Please help me to sort it out…I want to hide my current profile pic from being public.

  6. Use the audience selector tool under each album to control who can see your photos. Note that the settings for your Cover Photo or profile photo is default to public.

  7. Hello everyone !
    I had the same problem , i couldn’t find out how to hide my profile pic. So Now i found the wayyy how to do it ..

    1) Click on Profile Pictures
    2) Click on Albums
    3) Click on that small triangle beneath each albums
    4) So there u can choose who can see ur pics

    Hope that help u guys πŸ™‚

    Thank u

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