Hide your profile picture from everyone except your friends

Facebook and it’s features is so vast that it’s nearly impossible to use it hundred percent. But I found a very useful feature of it while accessing it. It is that you can hide your profile pic from all those who are not in your friend list.Isn’t it a cool feature which ensures a total privacy specially for female users because anyone can misuse their picture anywhere on the net. Also it ensures that nobody can ever make a fake profile of yours until and unless he’s your own friend. 😀

An important feature with a simple implementation.Just go to,

Settings>Privacy Settings>>Search.

Or simply click here. It redirects you to the same page.Now uncheck the first option that is “My profile picture”.You can also hide friend’s list, add as a friend link and send message link e.t.c.

For more clarity check the screen shot below:

Facebook screenshot

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