Get a List of Verified Twitter Accounts

The popularity of twitter is increasing day by day because it’s simple, clean and secured. But there’s one more major reason behind it’s popularity, that is you can follow your favourite celebrities, politicians, singers or even your favourite bloggers that are famous worldwide with thousands of followers.But it’s hardly impossible to find out the original account of your favourite once. There are hundreds of fake accounts with the same name and pic as that of the respective original account.

But don’t worry about that DevilsWorkshop is with you. Just check out this website(wefollow). It has the list of all the verified accounts of Celebrity, Musician, Radio, Blogger or even your favourite TV channels.All the account in this website are verified but still check it once again.You can see a “Verified Account” link on the top right hand side of the profile.


Just check the screen shot of Barack Obama’s profile below:

Obama on Twitter

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