iPhone 5 is selling 10 times faster than iPhone 4S!

When the iPhone 5 was unveiled almost two weeks ago, I predicted it would probably be breaking sales records that previous iPhone models have set.

iPhone 4S was a great success for Apple and SIRI did drive sales upwards. The new phone model was highly anticipated too, but according to CNET, the phone was matched 4S sales numbers for a whole month in the span of just 3 days.

That basically means iPhone 5 is selling 10 times faster than iPhone 4S.

Why is iPhone 5 such a big hit?

Apple has introduced its own Maps app instead of Google Maps on iOS6. Even though the current Maps app by Apple is considered inferior, it might take a few weeks of data to see, if Apple own mapping service is causing issues with iPhone 5 sales.

Do drop in your view about iPhone 5? Will you be buying one?

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