BetterTouchTool brings custom gestures and Aerosnap to Mac

Macbooks are always known for their great button-less trackpads, but if you’re someone who likes to customise stuff,  it can put you off. There are only a handful of things you can do to customise from the System Preferences app.

BetterTouchTool allows you to create system-wide or even app-wide gestures, for example – you can make Chrome to zoom in a webpage by doing a pinch-in gesture (Chrome doesn’t support this by default).

It’s also not all about gestures, you can also assign custom keyboard shortcuts too.


To add a custom gesture to any app, hit the + button in the side bar, select the .app file, go to ‘Trackpads & Tablets’ section. Here you can assign a gesture from the drop-down list or even create a new gesture. Then you can assign the keyboard shortcut or just select a predefined action from the menu.

All the settings are applied to the apps instantly, even if they’re being used simultaneously.

The app is not only compatible with Magic Mouse, Mac Trackpads, keyboards, but also with normal mice.

This app gives a nice bonus feature, which mimics the Aerosnap feature of Windows 7 – resizing windows by moving them to edges of screen.

There are many apps on Mac which can get you Aerosnap, but most of them are paid and are very costly. BetterTouchTool is free and is a must have if you want make most out of your mice/trackpads.

Link: BetterTouchTool