iPhone 5 is selling 10 times faster than iPhone 4S!

When the iPhone 5 was unveiled almost two weeks ago, I predicted it would probably be breaking sales records that previous iPhone models have set.

iPhone 4S was a great success for Apple and SIRI did drive sales upwards. The new phone model was highly anticipated too, but according to CNET, the phone was matched 4S sales numbers for a whole month in the span of just 3 days.

That basically means iPhone 5 is selling 10 times faster than iPhone 4S.

Why is iPhone 5 such a big hit?

  • In my experience, most iPhone users I know ended up skipping iPhone 4S. Also in US markets, the contract is usually 24 months long when they purchase a iPhone. That meant potentially million of iPhone 4 users are waiting to get their hands on iPhone 5.
  • The total number of people buying smartphones is also rising through out the world. That will not just drive sales for iPhone but all its competitors. I guess RIM and Nokia will be feeling a lot of pain, considering how far behind they have fallen in the smartphone market.

Apple has introduced its own Maps app instead of Google Maps on iOS6. Even though the current Maps app by Apple is considered inferior, it might take a few weeks of data to see, if Apple own mapping service is causing issues with iPhone 5 sales.

Do drop in your view about iPhone 5? Will you be buying one?

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