Learn To Type Quickly with TypingWeb

header_logoPerhaps the most important thing an engineer or a person who earns his livelihood from a computer, needs to know is typing. Quickly. Of course we can spend some money and study something from the so-called ‘Computer Classes’, that are present all around us. But why do that when you can learn the same for free from TypingWeb!

TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor, keyboarding tutorial, and typing certification for typists of all skill levels. You can register on their site and track your progress. However there is no compulsion for registering to use their service.

Courses include Beginner Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course and Specialty Course. These courses are further divided into lessons. In each lesson you have to type the text provided on the screen. After you  have done so, you will get your result. The result includes Net Speed (WPM for that lesson), Gross Speed (WPM for entire course), Accuracy, Time Elapsed (time taken to complete the lesson) and Problem Keys (keys with which you may have problems with).


  • Free
  • Many Courses and lessons
  • Register to track your progress
  • Certification available
  • Games

Many more great features are available at this site. Check it out @TypingWeb