Reason why you should and shouldn’t buy Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note is a new Phone (or a Tablet may be) by Samsung which is gaining lot of popularity in the gadget world and the main reason behind it is the design of this phone cum tablet. With 5.3″ display screen you can even do your tablet PC or netbook work on this huge phone. But the question is whether you should buy Samsung Galaxy Note or not? Well we have the answer for you.

If you want to read the detailed specification of this phone please click here.

Why you should buy Galaxy Note?

Why you shouldn’t buy Galaxy Note?


Well I can just give you suggestion, the final decision is still yours. Galaxy Note is technically a very good phone. The good feature of this phone is its display and its a bad feature too.

According to me if you are planning to buy a smartphone then go for something else like Samsung S-II or Apple iPhone. And if you’re looking for a Tablet PC then go with Apple iPad. Don’t mix up a phone and a tablet as both are different things with different usage.

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