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A quick glance on your Twitter account might give you some idea, which accounts on Twitter you most interact with. For instance I tend to retweet a lot of tweets from this blog’s feed. A lot of blogger friends of mine who interact with me a lot but use ‘RT’ instead of the retweet feature.

Retweets are important social signals. It means that many people like your content. It also could mean a higher rank for your tweet when someone searches on a topic on which you tweeted about.

So it would be useful to find some information based on how often and how many retweets you get from your followers.


Retweet Stats Features

I find Retweet Stats, a good place to look up and check if you are actually just sharing a lot with a lot of followers or actually engaging with your Twitter followers.

If you want to make your Twitter account more efficient, you might want to check these 3 online tools to clean up your Twitter account.

Try out Retweet Stats and drop in your comments.

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