lets you create beautiful Webpages in seconds

Chances are you don’t really know web designing, but you want to create a little website for you – which can act as a landing page or even a resume/portfolio of you.

While there are many website builders available on the web, most of them aren’t simple or free or not quick. wants to change this.


Creating a webpage is really simple – to get started, you need to signup for a free account. After you do that, you’ll be shown around six predesigned templates (which are really neat) for your webpage.

Hit preview to see how the template looks, select it and you’ll be asked for details like page name, URL etc.

You can edit pretty much anything on the template – including text, images, videos etc. Though, you won’t be able to edit the HTML source. You can also do some SEO like adding meta tags, page description etc.

The service is free, but there’s also a Pro version available which will let you access features like custom domain, Google Analytics, more bandwidth storage, etc. The free version will be enough for starters.


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