Temporarily Remove Any Element from a Webpage with Your Browser

There are parts of a webpage which you do not want to really use. For example when you see a Facebook public post or profile, it also shows a login box, which you might not be interested in. We can do this with Dynamite Extension for Chrome browser or Nuke Everything Add-on for Firefox. For […]

Striking.ly lets you create beautiful Webpages in seconds

Chances are you don’t really know web designing, but you want to create a little website for you – which can act as a landing page or even a resume/portfolio of you. While there are many website builders available on the web, most of them aren’t simple or free or not quick. Striking.ly wants to […]

5 Great Sites for Beginners To Learn HTML/CSS

Recently, I’m on the verge of learning basic web designing. It all started with the idea of making a landing page for myself from scratch, without using sites like About.me. I ended up discovering sites which can be very handy for beginners who’re trying to code. 1. Codecademy This is one of the best things I’ve […]

Preview Google Fonts on Current Webpage You are Viewing

Web designers spend a lot of time looking up different fonts on their website that can be used. Fonts are very important for two reasons. First is that a good font allows users to read content on the website without any issue. Also the font styling usually should also fit in with the general theme […]

Learn HTML with the help of Mozilla Webmaker

Before I was a blogger, I was not exactly into HTML. I know a smattering of HTML and found W3Schools as a good resource for someone who is new to learning web designing. Mozilla has launched Webmaker, which actually allows users to get regular tutorials and projects that will teach coding and designing for the […]

4 Tools to Preview and Compare Installed Fonts

If you’re a designer or even a site owner, then you will be having lots of fonts installed on your system and obviously you will feel irritating about which font to choose when designing a logo or choosing fonts for your site. Luckily, there are many tools which can help us in comparing fonts installed […]

[Online Tool] Get Suggestions from Google to Improve Page Speed

The loading speed of a web page is a very important parameter for any webmaster. The point is a website should look have a great and simple design along with a lot of interactive options. Sometimes the amount of coding done a theme for a site does affect it’s loading time. Google as you know, […]

Get plain white simple design with all websites viewed on Chrome!

As a blogger I end up visiting several websites. Many of these are blogs. Websites are often designed with many inputs about a lot of different things. For example a blog design might put more emphasis on links, social media widgets so that readers find it more interactive. Some blogs which are niche blogs, often […]

Vote for rtCamp’s Website on WPBeginner Gallery

This is a cross post from the official blog of the rtBlogs network. rtCamp’s website design has been one of the many achievements of the company since its inception. Recently, its website design got featured in the WPBeginner gallery. WPBeginner Gallery WPBeginner gallery is a place where you can browse through beautifully designed WordPress websites for inspiration […]