Automatically Import Your Links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious

I like to share a lot of link to interesting articles, images and more on my Facebook and Twitter profiles. Delicious has introduced a new feature which allows users to import links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious account.

Import Links from Facebook Twitter to Delicious

Import Links from Facebook and Twitter to Delicious

  • Log into your Delicious account. Now click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Sources’. If you are signed in, just visit this link.
  • Here you will have option to add a source like Facebook or Twitter for links to be imported on Delicious.
  • Usually the default tag for such links is ‘from Facebook’ or ‘from Twitter’ but you can customize it.

Once that is done, you can wait for Delicious to import all your links. This is a great way to keep track of all the links you are sharing but have not essentially bookmarked them.

Do you use any other similar automated tools? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Delicious

Delicious Makes a Great Comeback!

New Delicious Design

In December 2010, Yahoo announced it was going to shut down Delicious – the popular bookmarking service. This led to a bit of an outrage from people who used Delicious. Probably to avoid further PR disaster, Yahoo declared it will not shut down Delicous but sell it off. Sure enough, rumours started flying around of Stumble Upon buying Delicious; but they were wrong.

Then Delicious was sold to the guys who founded YouTube and ever since, there have been expectations on a revival.

And Delicious has been revived with some neat new features and design changes.

The New Delicious

New Delicious Design

  • After Delicious was bought by AVOS, it decided to start afresh. This included doing away with Yahoo accounts and getting people to migrate to new accounts. If you had an old delicious account, chances are it is gone now.
  • A new feature called ‘Stacks’ which allow adding links on similar topics and created a grouping of those links. These links behave like a playlist of links.
  • Also the design and structure of Delicious seems to have changed focus from being a place where only stored links to a place where people shared links.
  • There are still some issues with managing tags, in the sense it would be nice to explore tags by alphabetical order which is not available at the moment.

Here is a video introducing the new Delicious features:

I like the new Delicious and have started using it. I had moved my bookmarks from Delicious to Google Bookmarks thanks to an online tool; but if Delicious stays the course with its improvement I might need to search for a new online tool that does the reverse. 🙂

Do try out the new Delicious and let me know your views through comments.

Link: Delicious

Delicious sold to YouTube Founders!

delicious_soldBack in March, there were rumors out that Yahoo will be selling Delicious to StumbleUpon. Today the uncertainty over the fate of Delicious bookmarking service is over. It has been bought by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen who were founders of YouTube.

Earlier Yahoo has planned to shut-down Delicious but with outrage by many internet groups, it decided that it will end up selling Delicious instead of closing it down. This shows how much, Yahoo was aware of the popularity of their own service.

Challenges for new owners of Delicious!

Delicious bookmarks was exclusive and simple. It was not ever meant to be a Stumbleupon or a Digg like service. This does mean less volumes of sharing bookmarks will happen but quality ends up high.

The new owners of Delicious, will have to make delicious more social at the same time manage to make sure users still find it useful and there is no information overload which seems to happen with other bookmarking services.

At the moment, when users sign into their Delicious account, users are prompted to give permission to Delicious to move the bookmarks from Yahoo to the new owner.

I think YouTube, which is Google on real product which is social and yet successful. So YouTube founders might be able to meet these challenges quite well.

What are your views? Will you stay with Delicious or move to them to Google Bookmarks? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Delicious Blog

[Rumor] Yahoo to sell Delicious to StumbleUpon for peanuts!

Yahoo, over the last few months is getting a lot of negative vibes from the tech community. This is because Yahoo had decided to close down Delicious, the popular bookmarking service. Yahoo has seen its fortune falling over the last decade and it has a list of companies, which it bought for hundreds of millions of dollars and ended up short-selling them or closing them down. There was enough anger over Yahoo’s decision to close down Delicious until Yahoo announced it was selling Delicious.

Now according to Business Insider, Yahoo has apparently found a buyer for Delicious. The price of the deal is rumoured to be about $1 – 2 million.


Why Yahoo might be selling Delicious for such a low price!

  • Yahoo paid something close to $15 –30 Million for Delicious. If they are selling it for one or two million, they might as well have sold it free! This also means, Yahoo might not have a planned strategy to sell Delicious for a high price.
  • Delicious is used a lot by many people to share bookmarks. Delicious is usually not valuable from traffic point of view, but it has high reputation.
  • Also, absent in Delicious is a revenue model. This means Delicious practically makes no money. Yahoo might be under pressure to get rid of a service which is not making any money.

In the meanwhile, if you are looking to move or backup your Delicious Bookmarks somewhere else, you might be interested in Google Bookmarks migration tool.

Do drop in your comments.

Source: Business Insider

Google wants your Delicious Bookmarks! [Online Tool]

A couple of months ago Yahoo slipped up and news came out that Delicious was to close down. Then came the denial and Yahoo declared, that it was only going to sell Delicious and not shut it down. Confusion reigned and most people who love delicious bookmarks (yours truly included) must be cursing the day Yahoo took it over.

Back in January I wrote about an online tool, which I thought was the best way to move your bookmarks from Delicious to Google.

Today, Google released a new online tool as part of Google Bookmarks, which will allow Delicious bookmarks to be imported to Google.

Why move to Google Bookmarks?

  • If you are Delicious user and are worried about its uncertain future. Then using this tool, to backup all your bookmarks to Google is a good idea.
  • It supports both Yahoo accounts as well as old Delicious accounts. All the tags from Delicious are converted into labels for Google Bookmarks.

This will help Google a lot, because they have fallen behind when it comes to online bookmarking. This mainly being due to the fact, that Delicious had already cornered the market there. Online bookmarks are actually a good indicator for showing what people really value on the net compared to the links shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Will you be using Google Bookmarks? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Bookmarks Delicious Import

How Yahoo’s Empire Crashed From $100 billion to $22 billion!

There is a popular saying that ‘Rome was not built-in a day’. Yes, the Roman empire took hundreds of years to reach its pinnacle and eventually took a couple of centuries to be completely ruined. Throughout history we have seen large empires being brought down by the heady cocktail of lack of clarity from leaders, inflexible bureaucracy and in general a decline of ideas about the future. Basically most empires have collapsed when they became complacent about their position.


Yahoo seems to be a similar empire that is crumbling away piece by piece. This decline has been brutal and in times will probably get worse. Here is a sobering thought, in 1999 Dec, Yahoo was worth almost $100 Billion (Source). At the time of writing this post it is valued around $22 Billion (source). Just imagine, that it is today half of what Facebook is being valued at and more than 5-6 times less than what Google is valued at.

So where did such a massive decline begin? How did the once largest internet company get left behind?

The Yahoo Failures!

#1. Geocities:


About 10 years ago, if you wanted to create your own online page, most people did it on Geocities. I even like to think of Geocities as the birthplace of blogging industry to some extent. It was where people expressed themselves openly in their own little corner on the internet. Geocities was bought by Yahoo for a amazing $3.17 billion, and instead of making it into a Facebook or a great blogging platform, we saw a decline of Geocities with nothing new happening. Geocities was finally closed down in Oct 2009.



Yahoo bought for a monstrous $5.7 billion. The company was supposed to be revolutionary for video. Another lost opportunity which was promptly snapped by companies like YouTube. Today if you visit it simply redirects the page back to Yahoo.



SOLD was a major competitor to eBay in Australia. In April 2001, Yahoo bought SOLD and decided to leverage it against eBay. Forget competing but within two years Yahoo shut the company down and redirected users to eBay!

#4. HotJobs


Another very successful portal for job-seekers which Yahoo purchased for $436 million and almost 10 years later sold it for almost half the price at $225 million to

#5. Delicious Bookmarks


Delicious bookmarks had a great opportunity to grow and was purchased by Yahoo for a mere $15 million. Today rumours still circulate that it will be shut down by Yahoo. Yahoo, publicly maintains they are planning to sell Delicious.

The strange decline

Yahoo, has had a strange record of taking over companies or web services which are hugely popular and successful and then turning them into nothingness. This is where they have lost literally billions of dollars over the last decade.

Yahoo had advertisements on their search before Google did, they also had created Yahoo instant search but discontinued it in 2005. Today Google has done the same in 2010 and saw a rise in their AdWords clicks. I shudder to think what would have happened to Google if Yahoo had purchased it back in 2003. Would Google even exist going by Yahoo’s track record? I doubt it, Yahoo would have inefficiently dismantled it.

There is a downward spiral of Yahoo that has got so much momentum that it’s decline is almost certain. Unfortunately a company that could have shaped the history of the internet in a big way, will end up being a mere footnote 10-15 years down the line.

What are you views on Yahoo? Will it make a turn around, or will it eventually crash and burn completely? Do drop in your comments.

Best way to Move from Delicious To Google Bookmarks

Delicious_google_bookmarksWhen news came our that Yahoo was planning to close Delicious, many people like me must have panicked. Then came the news that Yahoo will not shut down Delicious but sell it. I even wrote an open letter to Google suggesting they should buy Delicious. Google Bookmarks is not really setting the world on fire, but if Delicious did close down, then I would be tempted to move all my bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.

Delicious-export is a nifty tool that allows you to move your bookmarks from Delicious to Google.

Initially I looked up the export facility with Delciious and then the file to Google. I found this a little complicated. Delicious –export is a web app that makes life a lot easier.

Delicious Export App Features

  • The login facility is available for both Yahoo users and also old Delicious account users.
  • The bookmarks are moved quite fast. I also had the option of selecting or deselecting certain bookmarks while moving the bookmarks to Google.
  • A really good feature was that all the tags from delicious bookmarks were converted to Labels for Google Bookmarks. This is really handy.

So just in case you suffer from a lack of confidence on Yahoo and it’s designs for Delicious bookmarking service, this web app is a great way to backup all these bookmarks to Google.

Link: Delicious Export

Open Letter to Google: Please Buy Delicious from Yahoo!

Dear Google,

There are many geeks around the world and one thing almost every geek has is an active Delicious account to mark up his favourite webpages. Yes, it is the only online service which is owned by Yahoo and a tech lover actually cares about. Not to forget your own Google Bookmarks is not really making waves.

The worse part is Yahoo seems to want to kill off and get rid of anything that really we are interested in. (We = Tech lovers)

We all know that Yahoo will probably crash and burn bit by bit over the next 5-10 years. Why not salvage some of it and give it the Google treatment. Many services like YouTube, which you acquired, have become iconic names on the internet. Please make sure that Delicious does not crash and burn along with Yahoo or worse get acquired by Facebook and become trivial. 😉

Delicious should be cheap!

Considering that Google had plans to shell out $2.5 Billion to buy Twitter, I think acquiring Delicious could be much cheaper. Anywhere around a $100 million should be fine considering Yahoo bought it for around $15-30 million. Also Delicious has around 200 million bookmarks and we all know that the truly important stuff online is bookmarked and not shared on Facebook or Twitter. This might give you amazing access and ideal data to tweak your search engine results a little more to make a real killing.

Yours Truly,

A Delicious User and Google Fan.

Yahoo: Delicious not to be closed but up for sale

There have been many talks going on about Delicious being removed or closed by Yahoo!. It has just been disclosed by Yahoo! that they are selling Delicious to some other company but not closing it down.

In their blog they had mentioned that Yahoo will not shut down Delicious, they just want a new home for it. That means they are going to sell it. According to the blog they said

Many of you have read the news stories about Delicious that began appearing yesterday. We’re genuinely sorry to have these stories appear with so little context for our loyal users. While we can’t answer each of your questions individually, we wanted to discuss what we can at this stage and we promise to keep you posted as future plans get finalized.

Things they made clear:

  • Delicious is not going to be closed.
  • No need to remove your book marks from there.
  • Delicious is being sold to some other company.

Things they did not make clear:

  • Who is going to buy Delicious?
  • Why did they take more than 24 hours to make it clear?

If you have any answers to these questions feel free to share them with me through the comments below. Who will own Delicious next?

Yahoo Cooking Up a Delicious Demise?

If we have to believe the modern day grapevine – Twitter – it seems like an end to Yahoo’s popular social bookmarking site, Delicious. Seems like soon bookmarking is not going to be oh so tasty.

The Tweet that started it all:

The news spread like wildfire after being triggered by one little tweet by Eric Marcoullier:

The Leaked Yahoo! Screenshot:

Eric Marcoullier, associated with Yahoo as the founder of MyBlogLog, shared a screenshot of Yahoo Inc’s webcast declaring the end of several product lines including MyBlogLog, AltaVista, Yahoo! Picks, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Yahoo! Buzz and Delicious. The leak obviously spurred a series of reactions – infuriating and flattering. The screenshot confirms the plans of the company towards calling quits with Delicious.

The scoop:

Delicious is a popular social bookmarking site started in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005.

The spotlight center focus dawned on Yahoo! after the series of layoffs couple of days back. About 650 to 700 employees are rumored to have lost their jobs, primarily from the product department headed by Blake Irwing. Most of the layoffs clashed with the team coordinating with Delicious. Followed by the screenshot revealing the plans to cut off on Delicious.

The Aftermath:

Officially nothing has been declared by Yahoo regarding the ‘yummy’ bookmarking site but you can’t help but wonder – what after Delicious. This would turn the tables around for Yahoo considering how widespread the usage has been with the site. There are no second thoughts when it comes to understanding the internet giant’s plan of downsizing but whether their selection has faltered, only time will tell.

Stay tuned with this space as we will let you know with alternatives to Delicious and ways to backup your bookmarks. Let me know what you think of this recent revelation. Keep your comments coming.

Link: Delicious

[Update] Yahoo is not removing Delicious its just selling it.