Delicious Makes a Great Comeback!

In December 2010, Yahoo announced it was going to shut down Delicious – the popular bookmarking service. This led to a bit of an outrage from people who used Delicious. Probably to avoid further PR disaster, Yahoo declared it will not shut down Delicous but sell it off. Sure enough, rumours started flying around of Stumble Upon buying Delicious; but they were wrong.

Then Delicious was sold to the guys who founded YouTube and ever since, there have been expectations on a revival.

And Delicious has been revived with some neat new features and design changes.

The New Delicious

New Delicious Design

  • After Delicious was bought by AVOS, it decided to start afresh. This included doing away with Yahoo accounts and getting people to migrate to new accounts. If you had an old delicious account, chances are it is gone now.
  • A new feature called ‘Stacks’ which allow adding links on similar topics and created a grouping of those links. These links behave like a playlist of links.
  • Also the design and structure of Delicious seems to have changed focus from being a place where only stored links to a place where people shared links.
  • There are still some issues with managing tags, in the sense it would be nice to explore tags by alphabetical order which is not available at the moment.

Here is a video introducing the new Delicious features:

I like the new Delicious and have started using it. I had moved my bookmarks from Delicious to Google Bookmarks thanks to an online tool; but if Delicious stays the course with its improvement I might need to search for a new online tool that does the reverse. 🙂

Do try out the new Delicious and let me know your views through comments.

Link: Delicious