Use Google and Bing on the same page [Search Tool]

If Google is the undisputed king of the search engines then Bing is the challenger to the crown. I do not think at the moment Bing is mounting much of a challenge but realistically it is the only one which can compete over the years with Google. For people who love looking up stuff with search might enjoy this one. A website which gives you search results on Bing and Google side by side on the same page.

Very aptly it is called Bingle and seems like a very handy tool for people trying to look up results from a SEO point of view.


Bingle allowed me to check Bing and Google results side by side not just when it came to web search but I could also compare image search results along with maps being searched for with Google and Bing separately on the same page.

I won’t say it is a great way to look up a particular information but it is quite awesome to carry out the same searches on both engines and look up side by side which link it rates as more important compared to the other.

Often when you look at a search engine you might not be able to make sense of it but with a comparative look-up of search queries can give you an insight into what exactly that search engines gives a higher preference to. 😉

Go ahead and try Bingle and let me know your views by dropping in your comments.

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