Why Twitter Has Problems with Google’s New Personalized Search?

Yesterday, I wrote about Google introducing ‘search plus your world’ which is basically a toggle for looking up personalized search results and normal search results. The problem is that, personalized search results only show up Google+ related links at the moment. Another possible issue with Google’s new tweak to search, is that personalized results show […]

Why Google’s Search Results Are Better Than Bing!

I have sometimes wondered if people choose to use Google instead of Bing, just out of habit. I mean what is the big difference in their results. Google has a lot of options and small changes which make it intuitively great. These changes are usually not seen or understood all that well. A great feature […]

The Simplest Way to Search for Print Advertisements – Moat

Every one interesting in marketing to even design, likes to look up print advertisements online. I too find it useful and educational to learn how advertisers give out a powerful message from just a message. The problem with searching for such print advertisements is that it is difficult with Google or other search engines. With […]

[Netspeak] A Search Engine to Improve your Writing!

My first language is not English, it is Marathi. This means I tend to think in a different language and blog in a different one. While writing posts, I feel stuck at times when it comes to articulating something. I like  Netspeak which has billions of phrases and tips on how to use them. For […]

Find Feeds with Search Engine for RSS – ctrlQ

As a blogger, to look up latest news on tech subjects is quite easy. Most times a simple search on Google can get you started. Also tech blogs almost always make it easy for people to subscribe or follow their blog with RSS feeds. But when it comes to certain topics like, lets say World […]

Has Google finally got an alternative with Blekko!

Blekko is a new search engine launched on November 8 which has attempted at renewing your regular search quest. Rich Skrenta, of the Newhoo fame (now Netscape’s Open Directory Project), has been working on this concept search engine since 2007. It works basically by categorizing the search word using slash tags (‘/’), using these tags to arrive at more specific results. Thereby, it reduces the spams and irrelevant results, optimizing the entire search process.

Secure Google Search: Now use Https While Searching

Facebook is always in news because of user privacy and another concern which keeps users in dilemma is security. We use lots of anti-viruses, Spywares and tips and tricks to keep ourselves secure. But the shortest way to keep secure is by using encrypted connecting like using https connection. This is one of the reason […]