Use a dictionary in Chorme browser to improve vocabulary [Video]

If you love to blog or write you might like to sit with a dictionary even though it is quite impractical. Not just so that you avoid spelling mistakes but also get the exact context of a word you come across. Many of us might not have English as our first language of choice and this can be a bit of a problem when articulating exactly what you want.

The dictionary can be added through an extension in the Chrome browser and I am quite enjoying it. While writing this post I have already used it in twice and hence decided to record the video on how I can use different words or improve my choice of words using this extension.


An example is the word ‘articulating’ that I used before. It was not my first choice of word and I was planning to write ‘explaining’. But while reviewing part of the post I tested the extension. (See video at the end of the post)

About DictionaryTip

  • A simple double click gets the dictionary started.
  • It has options to look up related information from, Wikipedia and much more.
  • Ironically when I added Google Dictionary it seemed not compatible with the extension.
  • It is quite easy to use with a popup appearing of your the dictionary after double clicking on any word of the text your are reading.


What do you think? Will it help you improve your writing or even vocabulary? Or will you find it interesting just for a quick reference of a word you came across but were not sure about it’s meaning. Let me know through your comments.

Download: Dictionary Tip


dorm January 21, 2010

When i try to download Dictionary Tip, it gives me an error ‘Invalid value for permissions[0]’.
What do I do?

Aditya Kane January 22, 2010

Make sure you have a Chrome 4 beta version. Only Chrome 4 allows you to add extensions. You can download it from here.
Let me know if it works.