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bolly Many internet users have a misconception that movies cannot be watched online and every time they need to waste bucks on original CDs and DVDs for viewing movies. But, let me clear, there are many ways by which you can view movies for free. Though sometimes its illegal, but you can view full length movies sitting behind your monitor screen even without wasting up a single penny. :)

For viewing movies on your home PC you may download via torrents as you can watch them as many times you want, saving a huge amount of internet bandwidth. But if you use internet from shared PCs or from Internet cafes then the second option, to view online, would be good for you. For online viewing, Life Rocks have listed 7 good websites that you can use to watch latest bollywood films. Right now I am trying to compile a list of few similar websites for other language films. If you know one, please do let us know.

Hope you have a happy movie viewing with the list of websites by Life Rocks. :-)

Link: 7 Ways to Watch Bollywood Movies Online

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