Watch YouTube and deliver a baby? No thanks!

YouTube docThis might sound crazy and eccentric, but it’s true… A man in the UK (from Redruth, Cornwall) took YouTube’s aid and helped deliver his wife’s fourth baby! And to everyone’s surprise and relief… “successfully” too!

The father of the child- Marc Stephens – a 28 year old Royal Navy Engineer, was tempted play Doctor! When his wife told him “something feels weird honey” the guy got on to YouTube, ran a quick search and found “how to deliver a baby” within minutes! Talk about being self sufficient! (I really hope no doctor gets his hands on this piece) 😛

Hours later… you hear a baby crying. Yay! It’s a boy!! And they named him Gabriel!

After the baby was born, they went off to the hospital anyway… to make sure all was “OK”! This makes me wonder, why play “YouTube qualified doctor” in the first place when there are “real” ones out there doing a pretty decent job?


Let’s face it. It’s human lives we are talking about here. Mortality rates for women and babies during child birth are staggering. This could be a risky business, no matter how equipped you think you are with your YouTube knowledge.

Before I take-off,  just one last thing… For the love of God and for cryin’ out loud…


(Source: Evening Standard)

7 Replies to “Watch YouTube and deliver a baby? No thanks!”

  1. YouTube is proving very useful these days. Recently I read a post somewhere – “Missed your lecture – visit”

    But the above case was bit bizzare

    1. @ Puneet,
      Yes I agree. For a lot of things, YouTube does come in handy. And I think it’s awesome if you could view your missed lecture videos too! But I think some people push it too far 😀

  2. Youtube is the cheapest and good tutor.
    But this Guy is setting new heights :P, Doctors Be aware 😀

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