#1 Social Gaming Company Sued for an Unjust Employee Termination

clip_image003Zynga is in trouble again! Not long back in February, Zynga was sued for copyright infringement by the creator of Mob Wars who claimed that Zynga’s game was copied from Mafia Wars. This time, clip_image001the company’s ex-employee – Robert Fulop – has filed suit against them for violating the FEHA – Fair Employment and Housing Act – that prevents employee discrimination.

Fulop is a game designer, with over 30 years of industry experience. He joined Zynga as a contractor from early August 2008 and was later brought on with Zynga as a full time employee.

It has been alleged that Fulop was discriminated on the grounds of age and disability.

Fulop had requested to temporarily reduce his work load and some time off as he had to undergo a heart operation. He was terminated from the company soon after the operation.

Seeking Compensation

Fulop is seeking a total of $50,000, along with further damages whose amount will be determined at trial.

Excerpt from the document:

“… As soon as Fulop informed Zynga of his medical condition and his need for accommodation, he was immediately terminated. Fulop’s request for accommodations was summarily ignored without any discussion whatsoever.”

“As a pretext for the termination,
Fulop was informed that he was being terminated because there was no work for him. This pretext is belied by the fact that he was terminated approximately five weeks after he was hired as an employee and by the fact that immediately after Fulop was terminated, Zynga sought to hire another person for his exact position”

Zynga is known to provide one of the top social network of gaming applications on the web and have built classic games like Poker, Battleship, and Attack. They have been famous for their casino games, word games, board games, and party games, which can be found on social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, and Hi5.

(Source: techcrunch)