10 Most Popular Posts This Week! [9 – 15 Oct 2011]

As a blogger, I have never seen an service outage that lasts almost forever. This week BlackBerry users did not lose BBM and messaging service for a few hours but for literally over 3 days. It was also our most popular story for the week.

Other than that, we also covered the sad news of Dennis Ritchie’s passing away. I must say, that if he had not created C language and Unix Operating System, our world would have still been a lot different. Much of today’s technology is built on his creation.


10 Most Popular Post This Week!

  1. BlackBerry Outage Downs BBM and Email!
  2. Creator of C and UNIX, Dennis Ritchie Passes Away!
  3. 5 Types of Software You Don’t Need To Buy
  4. Steve Jobs’ Life [Infographic]
  5. Can’t Kill Facebook, Now Google Plus Targets Twitter!
  6. Find Faulty Driver/Software Crashing Windows Using BlueScreenView
  7. Lenovo Launches Android Based Tablets in India
  8. 10 new iOS 5 Features and Compatibility
  9. BlackBerry services and BBM still down; are you affected?
  10. Delete Files From Recycle Bin For All Users Using Command Prompt

Which one was your favourite among the posts? Do drop in your comments.