10 reasons why people still love blogger

blogger-300x298We all know that most of the bloggers have now switched to WordPress.org or better we say a self hosted blog as their blogger platform but still many bloggers use Blogger.com for blogging. Obviously a self hosted blog is much better in terms of SEO, blog ranking e.t.c. But there are few reasons why people love blogger and still use it,

  1. Low or Negligible cost: If you are using blogger, then all you need to pay is your Domain name registration charges if you want to use .com .org or any other custom domain name, else it’s free too. 🙂
  2. No Hosting Charges: Even the hosting in blogger is free of cost plus your site is going to be hosted google servers. 😉
  3. Easy to Use: All you need to use blogger is just some basic html knowledge, that’s it.
  4. Thousands of free templates: Obviously the default themes of blogger is not that much good as that of wordpress but who cares when you can get thousands of free themes/templates on the net and mostly of them are free of cost, highly customizable and easy to implement.
  5. Alternatives for everything: Most of the features aren’t available on blogger but we can find their alternatives easily on the net and the best part of these alternatives is that they are free of cost too. 😛
  6. Blogger’ supported by everyone: Being the oldest blogging platform, blogger is now supported by every website that offers widgets, that means you can install these widgets without even using html codes.
  7. Integrated with Picasa: With blogger you get a free space to upload 1000MBs of photos on Picasa which is not limited either cuz it is 1000MB per account and you can make as many account as you want 😀
  8. Better rank, more Money- Who cares!!: Most of the people don’t write just for the sake of money, they write cuz they love to write, in that case who cares whether your blog is SEO friendly or not.
  9. Integrated Adsense: All you need is to enter your adsense account details (at the time of setup) then show these ads wherever you want.
  10. Basic Blogging Platform: Most of the people start blogging with blogger just to learn some basics. But after becoming a good blogger they don’t switch to any other platform cuz it’s a big hectic job to do so.

So that was just the basic comparison, at the end everyone has his own choice. So which is your favorite blogger platform?


Rahul September 27, 2009

But blogger blog takes lot of time to get traffic. Also, they have good servers.

venkat September 27, 2009

Blogger lacks plug-ins like for wordpress and 3rd party templates are hard to customize .Blogger is not seo friendly.Search Engines like Bing not indexing blogger blogs at all.

sauravjit September 27, 2009

@Rahul @Venkat
Obviously there are many reasons why a self hosted blogs are better, these are just ten reasons why people still use blogger blogs.

ipiet September 27, 2009

absolutely agree
SEO, traffic? 😀 it’s all about effort, content, and backlink
I use these two platform, blogger and wordpress
It’s about our blogging preference
Why should pay for fun blogging? That’s why I use blogger
But I want to get money from my blog. That’s why I use self hosted blog/wordpress

sauravjit September 27, 2009

You got the point why I wrote this post 😉

sambit September 28, 2009

blogger is to easy

any one can make blogspot blog as its free

its good for noobs

all bloggers start with blogspot den moved to wordpress or joomla

sauravjit September 28, 2009

Exactly 🙂

curve text effect in adobe September 29, 2009

I am using blog free its really a good you tell us 10 reason its really a good.

sauravjit September 29, 2009


K K Nayak June 4, 2010

Thank u very much………….