10 Services To Shorten Long URLs

url Long URLs are always hard to remember and difficult to share. Instead of long URLs, short URLs are becoming popular these days as some services like Twitter, Facebook allow only limited characters. To share longs URLs on these sites, you have to shorten them first. So here is list of,

10 Services to Shorten Long URLs

  1. Tiny URL : Tiny URL is easier to post on blogs or forums. Make email friendly URLs. Simplify links to your website. Hide an affiliate link. Create personal or unique addresses using a keyword. Tiny.cc turns a ridiculously long URL into a tiny URL.
  2. Burn URL : BurnURL converts a long URL in the form of . When you click on the BurnURL, it will add a “Sharebar” at the top of the page which includes convenient links to share the story on popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg, a hit count showing how many times the link has been visited, and options to vote the story up or down and see the overall rating from visitors.
  3. ABE5 : ABE5.com is a fully-automated short URL service. Just enter your URL into the form and it will generate a shorter version of the web address. You can also create secure short URLs by choosing a password and only let through people who you give the password to.
  4. TubeURL : TubeURL gives you the best way to post on blogs or forums.
  5. tini.us : With tiny.us you can receive feedback from links that you post at different places. I post links on Twitter, a few different forums, IRC, and in other places. It’s hard to follow all of the different responses. Tiny.us will give me a page where I can read all the responses in one place.
  6. dwarfURL : dwarfURL allows you to password protect the links generated by it. You can also see the statistics for your dwarfURl means you can check how many people clicked on your link and from where they are clicked.
  7. Shrinkify : Shrinkify is a Firefox add-on that will shrink long URLs. It is very easy to use. It will automatically copy your shrinkified URL to the clipboard.
  8. DecentURL : DecentURL is a tool to not only make long URL shorter but also to make it decent. For example http://youtube.com/watch?v=pQHX-SjgQvQ will become http://youtube.decenturl.com/medieval-help-desk
  9. budurl : BudURL is more than just a url shrinking tool. You can track click information that will reveal a tremendous amount of information about the click activity of each link.
  10. SnipURL : SnipURL is another free service make shorter URLs. It will transform your longer URLs into shorter like http://snipurl.com/dd95c

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  1. When coming to shotening URLs I know about Tinyurl ,I don’t know about other online services to shorten URLSs,thanks for letting me know about them.

  2. Thanks for that lots of people look for those site. I think tinyurl is the leading it’s the most famous of them. I some time use that website.

  3. Another one, LNKS.iT, http://lnks.it from CodeIgniter.com! Open Source URL shortening AND bookmarking site. This allows you to sort your URLs. IMHO, this is simplier than delicious bookmarking site…

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