Upload Files to 9 Filehosts in One Go! Rapidshae, MegaUpload Supported

gazup Uploading files to multiple hosts is a difficult task as it requires to visit each and every web site and upload files again and again. It consumes a lot of time. If you are also among those users who upload their files to multiple hosts, here is a online tool for you to upload your files to multiple file hosts from one place.

Yesterday when I was stumbling, I found this online service Gazup! which allows you to upload your files to many famous file hostsing service in one go. When you upload your file to Gazup! their servers will automatically mirror your file to 9 file hosts which includes…

  1. RapidShare
  2. FileFactory
  3. MegaUpload
  4. MediaFire
  5. NetLoad
  6. zShare
  7. Badongo
  8. HideMyAss
  9. UploadBox

Why use Gazup!

  • If you use Gazup! you will save time as their servers are capable of faster uploads than your average home ISP company.
  • Using Gazup! you will also save your bandwidth as you need to upload your file only once in order to get it uploaded to multiple hosts. If you have limited bandwidth per month the it will be beneficial for you.
  • If you upload a video, their server will automatically generate a screenshot for the video.
  • You will get alerts when a mirror goes down, if someone comments on your file or when a mirror has finished uploading.

It is totally free service and doesn’t require any registration. Registration is optional. If you register, you will get some more features like Private control room, Manage uploaded files, Win cash prizes for uploading.

Link: Gazup!

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Gautam March 10, 2009

There were also some sites before which could upload files on multiple servers but not as good as this! TFS!

Gautam March 10, 2009

Its easy money making tool.

This is how:
We register and upload files.
And as per their reward program, we get $1 per 500 uniques.
Atleast 150-200 people will click on their ads when they visit the download link.
They will earn atleast 0.1 per click, which will amount to 15-20$. (Minimum 10$)
Out of that they will only give us $1. Also, there was not much load on their servers as they upload it to other hosts and most probably they would delete the file after uploading it to other servers. 😉

Gautam March 10, 2009

+ There are thousands of anonymous uploads (Which are not legible for the reward program as they are not registered.)

+ Only top 20 get the money.

So think, how much money they make!

Bapun March 11, 2009

Great man… This solves the problem.

Aditya March 14, 2009

Cool so we have found the solution to kick rapidshare out. Hope many people will use this web.

Swati March 28, 2009

its not working. i am using internet explorer. please help me out !

technolizard March 28, 2009

@ Swati

which version of internet explorer you are using ? Its working fine here 🙂

sam October 29, 2009

Are you sure this is a good one?? forum links don’t work… ranking links don’t work.. Does it pay at all…:(

Soham June 10, 2010

I think it doesn’t allow us to upload to my own account in those mupltiple file hosting sites.
Like i have to upload the file to my own Rapidshare & Filefactory account.It doesn’t allow this.